• Meat and fish lovers

    Experience exciting ingredient combinations, adding unique flavors to your favorite roasts

  • Vegetarians

    Let your favorite vegetables mingle with the smoke and embers, creating flavorful vegetarian dishes

  • Vegans

    Who said grilling is not for vegans? Prepare any delicious vegan food you whish with ease

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  • Versatility

    Cook and combine a wide variety of foods and enhanced flavors

  • Healthy Meals

    Increases variety in your meals and helps you eat a more balanced diet

  • Easy to Use

    Load, Grill, Roll - it's that easy!

  • Time and space saving

    Grill several foods at once

  • Easy to Clean

    Dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and maintain.

  • No food wasted

    Say goodbye to falling food and hello to grilling freedom

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You'll never have to worry about small or delicate foods falling through the grates, which means you can cook anything from juicy meatballs to delicate vegetables with ease. Lets get creative!

  • Chicken with vegetables

  • Potatoes and carrots

  • Salmon with asparagus and lemon

  • Eggplant with Tomatoes

  • Shrimp with bell peppers and onions

  • Pork with pineapple and onions

  • Vegetable and tofu

  • Sweet Potato Wedges

  • Artichokes with lemon

  • Octopus with potatoes and lemon

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